The wind cut into his skin and grey skies pressed down on the rotting town, but at least he was home. 

The town changed a little every time he returned, but change was irreversible this time around. An earthquake had destroyed everything, including his parents’ house. His mother had survived, being pulled out in time by the loyal dog. They were both putting up in the camp set up on outskirts of the town. He saw the expectations in their eyes. He saw hope that life will be back to normal, once he gets down to reviving everything.

He did not tell them that similar tremors had raked up his life in the city. He owned a nice house there, but nothing else to go back to. 

“Tomorrow morning, I have a meeting with the Mayor. We are chalking out a plan for recovery and redevelopment. Meanwhile, do you mind staying in the city with Bruno. It will help me restart better.”

His profession was building online real estate. He needed to build emotional and financial capital again, to help him navigate the remaining part of his life. In this town? Maybe …

He heard today she was coming back too…

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