“I understand what you are going through.”

“Really? Do you? You know nothing about the life I’ve led.”

“True. I don’t. But I’ve lost a husband too. I pray that your husband is found alive on the accident site or in nearby hospitals, and life restarts for you.”

“A restart is certain, but it may be better if he does not return.”

“Am I hearing you correctly?” The older woman looked startled.

“Yes. I’m tired of being mentally and emotionally abused. I’m tired of being told I’m not good enough, because I’m different from his kith and kin.”


The younger woman continued,

“People need orbits and structures to live, and find it easier interacting with others who fall in the same space. They are unable to relate to a person on a different orbit or no orbit. They revalidate their own beliefs by convincing themselves that the other is wrong. They are actually assuaging a fear that they might be proved wrong.”

“You are wise for your age. Maybe both of you would like to see a counsellor.”

“I’ve outgrown the need for a partner. I will not know what to do with him, if he returns.”



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