Prize or Price?

“Can you stand straight, look into my eyes and talk? You are shaken up, you are afraid because you are no weak grounds. You do not have a case to present. I’d advise you to take a break, and come back to work after a fortnight.”

The shaky, shivering guy left and the Boss smiled.

“There is a prize for imperiousness. The opposition doesn’t stand a chance.”

The foul-mouthed b——-d is known for his arrogance and venom, but he delivers on numbers. The balance sheet looks good.

Three years later, he is named as the next Managing Director. The stock prices dip. Negative reports about the successor and lack of public faith in him circulate.

There is a price for imperiousness.

5 thoughts on “Prize or Price?

  1. Almost as ugly as spreading false rumors about an Ambassador then firing and bad-mouthing and threatening to “go through some things” and then firing that person in order to remove a hindrance to corruption … hmmm
    Well done, you.

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