Temple of Thought

A temple reminds me of the Stoddard Temple, which Ayn Rand’s protagonist  Howard Roark built in her epic novel, Fountainhead. It was flat, it was spread out, it was meant to give humans the space to rise. 

Then, I came across theories about reverberation of positive energy inside a dome-shaped structure. It explained why places of worship are often dome-shaped structures. But Howard Roark would say, it makes a person feel dwarfed.

The question is what should be the mind set of a person entering a place of worship – to draw positive energy, to accept his/her insignificance in the world or to find a partner/guide/mentor for growth.

We read about humans being tiny specks bouncing around on a not-so-large spherical structure in the universe, knowing nothing about the magnificence or vacuum in the remaining space. But can one survive or act, by accepting oneself as inconsequential.

I would choose the last option – to find a partner/guide/mentor for growth. I do not visit temples because I don’t like agents of god doing their business with me as a buyer of theories/products/services I do not believe in. 

I would like to go there alone sometimes, and make an attempt to find the Maker.


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