Reena’s Exploration Challenge #119 — Mysterious Mother and the rise and fall of humans and Earthweal Open Link Weekend #4

Mysterious Mother, and the rise and fall of humans… by Jade Li/Lisa

Tao Talk

Goddess Mixed Media - Goddess Of Truth by Shannon Crandall

In the beginning, when Mysterious Mother was waving an arm as long as a spiral galaxy, creating all things that spring from her, she made a decision with humans. She had magnanimous love for all of her creations and made them with the skills to have them all playing well together until, at last, they returned to her. The humans presented a challenging case, as with them she decided to supercharge the thinking and feeling aspects of their nature, but at the same time they needed to remain in balance with the rest of her creations. In a way it was like the Mysterious Mother was an artist that was used to confining her work to a 2×3 canvas and then challenging herself to do a wall-sized mural. It was the first time she’d tried such a thing, so in a way humans were also an experiment.

She was tired…

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