“Dynamism was his middle name, as he never paused to think before acting. The response was agile, and results delivered sometimes excellent, earning him a good reputation.

But who says a performer never fails? He met his nemesis in the form of a competitor who set traps for him, and he succumbed to her charm and challenges.”

“Whom are you referring to?”

“Archibald, the mindfulness expert who has taken the market by storm.”


9 thoughts on “Dynamism

  1. Even those always “acting in the moment”, full of energy that feeds upon energy find their soaring rockets descend to earth 😀 Sometimes its simply normal ebb & flow. No sure fire single formula for success and forward momentum. It’s simply will, determination and perseverance. What works for one may not work for another.

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  2. I am prepared to take issue with this Archibald fellow, I need, however, to know whether he is described by others as a mindfulness expert or that is how he describes himself.
    No, I have nothing against experts. But it seems that the truly wise manage to leave behind the need for self-promotion, accepting that, even for a business, the better model is attraction, rather than promotion.
    Thanks, as always for the thought-prompt

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