River of Shame

I’ve often wondered why this is called the River of Shame. What unsavoury secrets does it carry at its base? Does it remember the people who moved away, leaving deposits of whatever they wanted to shed – burdens on their conscience, or proof of their involvement? Will the river remain a mute witness, or have a voice in the annals of history?

The Rock cries out to us today, You may stand upon me, But do not hide your face.

Own up, repent, seek forgiveness for acts committed in haste or ignorance.

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15 thoughts on “River of Shame

  1. Mouth of the Mississippi has become
    So Polluted And Dead from
    all of What Humanly
    Pours into it..
    truly it’s sad to
    Walk along the Shores
    not a fate yet assigned to
    Living Beaches where i live further
    East in the Panhandle of Florida
    And then there is the Pollution
    of Crimes and James Earl
    Ray for who gets in the
    way and who gets
    to stay.. True
    some days
    the Rivers
    Seems to Hold no conscience no Rock of Truth
    No Memory as a ‘River of Shame’ is all that’s left..:)

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