Reena’s Exploration Challenge #118 – Down But Not Out.

Down, but not out …. by Michael



It was a situation that could have gone in any direction. But it didn’t.

It was all downhill, and it was no one’s fault other than his own.

He could have argued it was because of the rain and he was unprepared. After all, it hadn’t rained for six months, everything was dead, and the rain when it came was something of a novelty and as such, his guard was down.

Also, he wore his new sandals which were not accustomed to the wet. The driveway was steep, exposed pebbles, running with the rain that had been falling all morning. New shoes, his mind on the drive he was about to take, the airport to collect his brother, he didn’t think of danger.

When it happened, it was all over in a second or two.

Down he went, his feet slipping out from beneath him, his hips hit the driveway…

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