“How do you like the public adulation you receive at this age?”

“I do not get carried away. I remember the ridicule thrown my way, when I started my solopreneur venture. I had to fight to use my own savings for the business. The family was obstructing that.

And today, the tiny venture has assumed epic proportions… isn’t it revenge enough?”

13 thoughts on “Revenge

  1. ah! revenge.
    you know maybe revenge has been getting a undeserved bad rap. lol
    no, seriously!
    (Wait a minute! Just checked the dictionarys. Seems that avenge and revenge started out semi-equivalent.
    But now, when used as verbs, avenge is the respectable one and revenge is the-cousin-who-had a-promising-academic-career-going-and-then-got-in-with-the-wrong-crowd and now everyone is uncomfortable when he shows up at a family function…. lol, sorry musta had some leftover word energy.)
    The forces of ‘culture’ is so far more actively involved in shaping reality than most give it credit for, this taking of a word (a symbol of an intimate human process) and shaping it to it’s current needs, i.e. at one time in history, when options for the lesser classes were limited, revenge, (in the hands of the superior upper class) was the stuff of legend and tales to amuse (and reinforce attitudes) of the masses.
    Now, although the class system is arguably more rampant, the power to affect others is in the hands of a greater number, therefore, it’s in culture’s ‘interest’ to convince them that revenge/to avenge is not desirable.)
    Fun Six, as always.

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    1. Agree that power is in the hands of a greater number – literally at fingertips operating on devices. Responsibility graphs are moving south, as those who hold power do not realise the magnitude of impact. It is more a case of being trigger-happy.


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