Happiness recalled

Once upon a time, I used to be a monster who said,

“You can either have a dog in this house or me.”

I can’t believe it any more. How could I have been so ignorant and arrogant? Only someone who has never experienced unconditional love can utter such monstrosities.

The tide turned in 2001, when a stray we used to feed was persecuted by a cruel neighbor. Love entered my house – injured with rib fractures and a broken leg. We carried her around, and nursed her back to health.

How we had changed!

No more late dinners or movie nights… we were back home before 9 pm for her dinner. The little darling refused to eat unless we were home. Wearing a jacket or scarf would upset her, because it meant I was going out. Once, I was trying out some new party clothes at around 11 pm, and she made loud noises to disturb the whole building. Why should I be dressing up at that late hour? We had to submit to a rigorous inspection after reaching home – smell the right hand first, then left, then the mouth and neck. She had to ensure we were not enjoying treats without sharing it with her.

And how happy we were to give in to her demands … I used to call her HRH Chappy Saxena.

Thank you, Michael, for raking up happy memories. This is a prompt I couldn’t have missed.


6 thoughts on “Happiness recalled

    1. Yes. The social value of animals has been underrated for too long. The videos of animals asking for help in Australia shows we have underrated their intelligence too. Language may be the only difference between them and us.


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