Long before

I was all of six years old, when I protested against something for the first time. My school teacher had deducted one mark for a perceived error. It was not really an error, so I fought back and got that one mark reinstated on my scoresheet. I had raised unreasonable demands in the past, like wanting my infant brother to be thrown out, because my supremacy at home was disturbed. But this was the first time I fought for a cause and won.

The story continued. I’m still quick to see injustice. I still raise my voice against it. I’ve suffered adverse consequences for this propensity of mine, but still march on.

I would like to know where it comes from.

seeds of distrust sown
long before trees faced an axe
they ask for a voice


24 thoughts on “Long before

  1. Reena, I think your supremacy at home at a child did one really good thing for you: gave you an awareness that you had a voice. So many aren’t given that gift. I like your voice. It’s one I listen to.

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  2. An interesting read. We are all pre-programmed, to a certain extent, by the spiraling chain of DNA of our ancestors, tweaked by the environment in which we’re reared, honed by the influences we encounter along the way. There you have it!

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