Signals #writephoto

I awaited the moment with bated breath – when lights come on, and dancers spring out of darkness on the stage with a loud burst of music.

It was not an easy task. The screen had to be designed in a particular manner, to create a magical opening for the show. The design was changed several times, as per the positions of the dancers in the darkness.

I had to do it – for a career, and some entangled personal interests. It was the first showcase of my talent, and I was falling in love with the director.

Five years hence, I shudder to think of the moment,  when I decided to give a dragon-shaped opening to the light. The relationship destroyed my life, and the fumes still inhibit normal breathing. Hitherto unknown issues sprung out of the dark, to plunge my life into oblivion.

Destiny conveys signals. We do not pay heed to it, or see it as a signal from the universe.

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