How could I fail to see something that was so obvious?

The nonchalant approach, feigned empathy, untrue words, occasional unresponsiveness – it all dripped from his persona. Yet, I foolishly believed that he will stand by me, because there was no other option, and he was the sole support in a deep cesspool.

There is only a difference of degrees between a psychopath, sociopath and a pseudo-empath – so many layers, so many complexities that one fails to make an accurate judgement.

The only way to preserve sanity is to get out of those shadows and their dark reach. I did that, and my vision is now crystal clear.

15 thoughts on “Pseudo-Empath

  1. I am glad she was able to escape. Hopefully she had the kind of support she needed to get settled in a safe place as well as the kind of help she needs to move forward with her life.

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  2. the Wakefield Doctrine would maintain, “We all live in a perfect world.”

    …but its true!*

    Thought-provoking Six, Miz Saxena

    *provided you allow that our individual descriptions of the world are not limited to those parts of ourselves that we are consciously aware of.

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  3. Obvious perhaps to those not in such a relationship.
    In a perfect world, there should be no self recrimination for finding oneself in that particular situation but rather, self assurance and confidence at successfully extricating oneself from such a toxic relationship. Surely no easy task. Here’s to crystal clear vision from now on!

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