Galactic Chaos

Exposed Emotions

I’m not in sync with the frequencies of my mind. I cannot follow where I’m going. The universe seems to have lost its patience with me. As if tetchy, it’s been berserk flashing its messages in my ears. I’ve gone color-blind with all the sounds. I cannot taste the shades of any synchronicity. I’ve lost the ability to fathom plain and simple. How can I make sense of this viscosity seeping into me?

My fists are tight. I hold the dying fizz of my dreams – dead mostly because I grabbed too hard. I’m in constant denial, like the broken tape stuck on a loop, but no one knows that I’m spinning with quintillion times the speed of sound. The moment I let go, I’ll be lost in the pit of a collapsing bang.

So, I stand here, wide-eyed, in front of the celestial traffic lights,


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