Life by Design

She turned down invitations to kitty parties, and the ladies often quipped,

“What do you do all day?”

She had quit her job, but was always busy – writing, painting, building an enviable online profile. She volunteered, enrolled for many courses, and managed to complete ten of those.

They never understood what she did. Some of them labelled her a snob, but she was used to it. She was paying a social price for being different, being a lifelong learner.

She had charted out a whole new career path, when she launched a start-up. It was a life by design.

9 thoughts on “Life by Design

  1. “What do you do?” implying that a paying job defines you is the first annoying and ridiculous question people ask too often. The second is “What do you do all day?” posed to those that don’t seem ‘productive’. Why should they care?

    Sounds as if your character spends time wisely rather than “killing time”.

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    1. There are deeper layers to it. I’ve found people introducing me by the last corporate job I held, rather than acknowledging the work done later, bcoz that is too trivial and piecemeal in their understanding.

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