Sordid tales

“We respect a work-life balance. A policy is being laid down that no official emails will be sent on weekends, and employees are free to not take a call on weekends.”

The board room resounded with applause, to welcome the CEOs initiative. At long last, the core team could have some family time on weekends.

A few girls outside the board room looked uncomfortable. They couldn’t talk about it, if they wanted to retain their jobs. They couldn’t even share it with each other. Very few of them were aware that others too sailed in the same boat.

They knew it that calls from the CEO would increase – for spending time with him at his weekend home in the hills.

It was a girl’s suicide in those environs that drew attention to the CEOs misdeeds. His name figures in the list of  #MeToo accused, but no serious action has been taken as yet.

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