faces brighten

smiles widen

camera bulbs flash

when she passes through….

unmistakable aura

addictive charm

perspiration on the brow

look beneath the layers

see a fading glow

living up to expectations

takes its toll


is a trap

but she is on a roll…

7 thoughts on “Celebs

  1. Very strange….your link on Mr Linky takes me to a place where your post is in a little rectangle box and I have to move the arrow to read it all….then I clicked on it and it finally took me to your actual blog? Wierd. This happened with your last post too.
    Anyway….unique response to the post. And oh yes….that glow of celebrityhood can be a trap indeed…and even a false glow or a glow that boxes one in to a personality that is only the public personna.

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