At long last…

“I will walk out of the house one day”, fumes the breadwinner of the family on encountering opposition.

It is enough to shush others into an uncomfortable silence, knowing that they have to comply for survival. Mom is an example – she gets beaten up regularly for not doing things to his liking, but still, she stays and looks after us.

And one day, the dreaded departure happens. I hear whispers that he is absconding after committing a fraud at his workplace; some even say that he has set up house with a long-standing mistress with the money he pilfered.

I have grown up enough to heave a sigh of relief without fear, and matured enough to know that his absence will not matter.

16 thoughts on “At long last…

  1. He may have physically left, but growing up/living in that environment, under those circumstances leaves scars that simply cannot be erased completely. Hopefully, both children and mother can rise above the damage done to live better, happy, free from fear, lives.
    Well done.

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  2. This would be such a difficult thing for a family to experience. A child watching or hearing the mother be beaten and the mother knowing that her child is watching or hearing her being abused would leave scars that would someday need to be addressed by each of them. Well written Six.

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