Reena’s Exploration Challenge #115

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #115

The prompt is to write something in a similar spirit – it could tell the story of a year or day or hour or minute – something that brought about a change in the life of a protagonist, family, community, nation or the world.

Life was such fun up to the age of 11.

There were music, dance, studies, games, picnics and all sorts of rides.

Some smooth some bumpy but having parents, siblings, and friends to share it with you is fun nonetheless.

Learning new things every day with friends was such fun which I attended every day till I was 11.

Life was like a nice dream.

Then one fine morning everything changed.

Suddenly I became a grown-up.

In my community girls were not allowed to play outside, laugh loudly or dance and sing after they reached puberty.

An order was passed to take…

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