“I know we are not a predominantly agrarian economy now, and the cow is not so central to our system. Yet, it is the only emotional and religious force which can unite the nation,” said a leader decades ago.

His disciples rule the country. Beef is banned. People who are believed to be dealing in beef are lynched by mobs. Fear prevails.

A cow is screaming across the arroyo.

People around think before they help, “Whose vote banks will it boost? Somebody needs to videograph the act.”

There is a clear strategy and agenda around whipping up sentiment, but will this fit in or invite ire from some camps? The population in the nearest village belongs to a certain community. What if she is owned by one of them? Why don’t they take her home?

The cow is still screaming, but nobody knows why.


17 thoughts on “Inaction

  1. Way to go! Seems like there’s no where to turn anymore without relating contemporary politics to whatever’s happening. A not-so-metaphorical invasion of privacy we can’t escape. I find it impossible to hold a conversation that doesn’t end or begin or become interrupted by He Who Shall Not Be Named or Spoken of at the Dinner Table! Even if we don’t talk about politics we have to say we aren’t going to. Also I’m still getting sideswiped by the folks who think everything’s fine. I find it mind-boggling and devastating. But we can’t lose the focus or lower our voices. So deep bow of respect for taking this opportunity to keep screaming.

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    1. I’ll share an experience here – I got my finger in the washroom door at 8 pm in office and it was bleeding profusely. The neighbor shopkeeper (who was also a politician) promptly appeared to take me to the doctor nearby, holding up my hand to reduce bleeding. Suddenly, I noticed camera bulbs flashing on me. It seems he recorded every such instance to promote himself. And social media was not so big in 2004.

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