Closed circuits

“I always wonder – what is it that they have and I don’t? How do they get everything they want, but I don’t?”

“How often do you watch television, and what are the channels you patronize?”

“Every day, international channels -but why do you ask?”

“You know a lot of things that can’t help you. They are on closed circuits – nurturing privacy, sharing secrets and distributing prosperity amongst themselves.”

16 thoughts on “Closed circuits

  1. Maybe the question could be “What is it that they don’t have that she does?

    So many little decisions bring people to the point where they are and by little decisions they can change the course of their direction.

    Good SSS!


  2. Can so relate to your Six, Reena. I totally agree with what Clark said in his comment. The only thing is, it’s not so simple a thing to achieve, shifting one’s timeline. But clearly, it is possible.
    As per usual, thought provoking Six Sentence 🙂

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  3. Nice multi-layer metaphor.
    It always comes back to the person, the individual. In theory, one can get/achieve/acquire/accomplish anything they desire. The price is their soul, of course.
    (No so much the religious soul as the soul that represents the world as we relate ourselves to it. It is of our creation. In theory, with sufficient desire, on can demand entry into whatever other world they believe is preferable to their own. And, right there, is the trap from which so many tales and legends and cautionary tales spring forth from.)
    Fun Six

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    1. I read the comment twice, and each line brought forth so many buried thoughts and memories. The concept of a soul of our creation is insightful. I’ve been turned back from those doors so many times, bcoz the denizens knew the value systems don’t match 😊


      1. or…. the denizens (of our creations) are protective of their domain. (Some of us) have created/allowed for an inquisitiveness that might take us a certain distance off the path, however we are (in our creation) necessarily protective of the ‘fact of a path’.

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