Reena’s Exploration Challenge #115 — Unforgettable

Unforgettable … by Jade Li/Lisa

Tao Talk

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penetrating captive bolt gun

Jeremy had grown up in a family of meat-eaters. Their belief was that a meal wasn’t a real meal unless it included meat. Jeremy questioned it no more than he questioned he put his socks on before putting his tennis shoes on every morning. That was until….

The day started out like any other. It was summer vacation and he was being shoo-ed outside by his mother. Back then – before personal computers and cell phones – kids played outside all day, maybe checking in now and then, and were back inside by the time the street lights came on. Jeremy’s best friend, Willy, was at summer camp, so Jeremy decided to ride his bike around. His usual boundaries, as set by his mother, were 5th, Smith, Poplar, and 8th Streets. Today Jeremy decided to go beyond and crossed 8th Street. He’d…

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