Indian Society for Applied Behavior Science, popularly known as ISABS, holds sensitivity labs of 5 days. After an orientation, participants just sit around and do some assigned tasks. The main task is to seek and give feedback – on how one comes across to others.

  • Become aware of one’s patterns of behavior
  • Know the impact of one’s behavior on others
  • Know the impact of others’ behavior on oneself
  • Improve one’s effectiveness in interpersonal interactions to derive greater satisfaction from others
  • Discover one’s potential to live more effectively and meaningfully

I feel a strong need to participate – except for the fact that there is an investment involved, which will not yield immediate returns.

I often try to analyse others’ dislike or unacceptance of me. It started with my mother and has continued lifelong.

Is it my wholeness that makes them aware of the holes they carry? Is it my self-sufficiency which is interpreted as self-centeredness. They feel unwanted or inadequate  around me, and it generates strong reactions.

I’m fine with leaving them to themselves. There is a need to share and communicate but writing provides that outlet.

Will I ever know what is so reprehensible about me?

9 thoughts on “Reprehensible

  1. Wow – self awareness is desirable, but self-judgment is not the intentioned goal. In wholeness, we are all things – neither good or bad – but striving for a deeper understanding, connection. To find ourselves wanting based on the responses of others is, to me, a rejection of the self. Having said all that, I have suffered the same, Reena. Ah, life.

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