Reena’s Exploration Challenge #113- Chasing Butterflies

Chasing butterflies …. by Indira

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #113

Ah, those famous men! 

imagine balancing
status and egos in one hand
butterfly net in another
eyes full of childlike gleam 
heart full of passion
exotic butterflies
flying around
as if teasing them
to follow 
deliriously their dream
their jobs they forgot
cared not for critics
as this was their vocation
did they feel guilty
trapping butterflies
pinning them alive
and preserve for
just gratification
chasing Butterflies
understandable, if
for appreciating the skill of the creator, or
collecting for scientific reasons
for biodiversity
and conservation
chase as sport
admire their beauty
but let them fly freely around
making the world beautiful
with their
stunning beauty

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