“Do you know how much is being spent on your education?”

It is the same dreaded voice. He hates to think that this unthinking monster is his father.

 “Fill up this form, only if you are sure that you will clear the entrance test. It costs money.”

As he began the test, all words and ideas fled from his mind. What will happen if he does not get through? The one thing his father has mastered in life in to lay the blame on someone else.  It could be a flunked test or an earthquake in Guyana.

Who will believe that living with a mentally ill father drains him out totally? Who will believe that he has lived a claustrophobic life for eighteen years? Things had not changed much from the time he was thrashed for dropping a ball, to the day he wanted to take a chance on his future.

He handed over a blank answer paper, and walked out of the examination hall with feet of lead. He will accept the internship offer with a leading startup founder, and learn the ropes.

It was the only open door leading to life. As of now, he needed a roof above his head, before he could find the oxygen to breath.


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