Beyond Cloud Nine #poetry

tales told different

Photo prompt: what do you see?

What happens when we surpass our goals
and transcend the euphoria of touching the sky
when we take that leap of faith
onto the fabled cloud ten
obscured and outshined by the lesser nine

but always there, sacred or profane
a step from greatness to legend
no more sky, no more blue


But to reach so far is to be alone
when stars and moon are all you see
gentle lights, minute on a backdrop of envy
You dare not look below, for the plummet down cannot be survived,
To fall is to end.
so you look above, held by charges of lightning from your ascent
And like the tree you are, you grow some more
to find a foothold on the moon in reach

Alas, even that moon is not safe from envy
a crescent of light is all you…

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