Bits and bytes


I kept searching for
soul-stimulating music
pockets of stillness
skipped attention-emptiness
needed new fillers

I lost direction
in questioning your maps-but
that fulfilling sense 
of knowing more than you – still
keeps me going to the brink

insightful are those
cynical assertions-which
undermine you, yet
drive me in the quest for truth
to destinations afar

enlightenment drives
a literary genius
in reverse gear- now
searching for lost alphabets
to redefine story maps

crumbling thoughts make way
for spiritual statements
Was that really
me or my shadow?- living
in subliminal darkness

electric currents
in undulating patterns
define processes
we deem as intelligence
to redefine a lost self

the deep, dark pull of
potential of emptiness
charm of blank canvas
never escapes me – I wish
to paint a new universe


free-flowing bonds
they held us together
with lasting elasticity
-just love


don’t ever
power of
pregnant pause
-words will never hold 
the same deep meaning again


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