Do you take responsibility?

“Mr. CEO, why was no action taken against a sexual offender in your team?’

“We received no complaints.”

“Are you aware that three women from his team have quit, without having another job in hand?”

“They must have had their personal reasons.”

“Is it true that your secretary had complained about the said person’s behavior, but you asked her to stay silent saying you would warn the person?”

“I did that.”

“And your secretary quit after that?”

“She must have had her personal reasons.”

“Is it true that a girl you appointed rose five ranks in two years, and is known to be abusive and arrogant with other team members?”

“She has no interactions with the said person.”

“But there are whispers about your relationship with the new joinee, who wields considerable power in the set-up now.”

“It is not true.”

“Is it true that another girl who was a secretary is now the National Head of a vertical, but is widely known to be incompetent.”

“We give employees a chance to grow and prove their worth.”

“How many others have been promoted in the same manner?”

“See X and Y.”

“One is supposed to pimp for you, another claims to hold secrets which can damage your reputation.”

“That is not true.”

“Can you tell us something that is true?”

“Our share prices are doing well, despite the slump in the market.”

“We are talking about organizational culture here, not market performance. Do you take responsibility for that?”

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