Reena’s Exploration Challenge #112 -A mashup of prompts

Sadje’s take….

Keep it alive

Reenais the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge.

Welcome to another week of inspiration and options!


This week you can choose one or more from a set of 10 words/phrases, to kickstart your thought process.

pockets of stillness

question your maps

cynical assertions

lost alphabet

was that really me?

crumbling thoughts

undulating patterns

free-flowing bonds

pregnant pause

potential of emptiness


Making cynical assertions never helps to resolve a conflict

There are pockets of stillness, perhaps a pregnant pause

Keep your crumbling thoughts together, find the lost alphabet

Fight the potential of emptiness and the free-flowing bonds

Before you question your maps study the undulating patterns

The answers are always there, right in front of our faces we just

Need to overcome the impulse to score a hit, curb the desire for

Oneupmanship, whichmight give us a temporary high but leaves

Us wondering was…

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