“Stillness” ©J.E.Goldie Reena’s Exploration Challenge #112 Nov. 7 2019

Some Things Real and Some Imaginings

ISABELA Lorga – The Sense Of Stillness


“This week you can choose one or more from a set of 10 words/phrases, to kickstart your thought process. Let us see where the journey takes you.” – Reena

Here are the options….

-pockets of stillness

-question your maps

-cynical assertions

-lost alphabet

-was that really me?

-crumbling thoughts

-undulating patterns

-free-flowing bonds

-pregnant pause

-potential of emptiness


There are pockets of stillness, when we question our maps, our inner consciousness. We make cynical assertions, especially if we’ve lost the alphabet order of our lives. We may start asking ourselves,

“Was that really me?” or “What did I miss.”

And so, beware of crumbling thoughts and undulating patterns.

Rather have free-flowing bonds to make the connections.

We are allowed a pregnant pause, but we shouldn’t let stumbling or hesitation get in the way of our potential happiness.

Life is too short…

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