Reena’s Exploration Challenge #110 and #MM Saturday Mix Sound Bite, The Haunted Cave

Lisa’s take on Exploration Challenge #110

Tao Talk

Oct 31 BOO

First off, Happy Diwali!  I’ve seen shapes like this one in my coloring book but didn’t know it was associated with Diwali:

Now I know.  I can see a yin-yang quality to it with my “new eyes.”

It is also the season for Halloween, which is coming up on Thursday, so please enjoy this scary Halloween tale.

Mary Jo talked me into joining the group on a Halloween adventure, The Cave of Horrors. Unlike a lot of the haunted whatevers that proliferate at this time of year, instead of visual scares, they would be tactile ones, as the haunted cave we would be going through would scare by touch and sound as it would be 100% dark! Being a cautious person, I was afraid of stumbling and falling or running headlong into something if I got too scared.  Against my better judgement I agreed to go.

That night, as the…

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