I click on an ex-colleague’s Instagram post, and she appears in my dreams that night – a long-lost associate I’ve not been thinking about lately. Stirred memories?

A person who stabbed me in the back and earned my hatred appears in dreams – asking for forgiveness or trying to mend fences. Is that a subconscious desire?

The deep, dark subconscious intrigues and fascinates me more than the concept of heaven and hell. It is shapeless, formless, intangible and yet controls my actions and thought process with a firm hand.

There are zillions of electric currents that pass through the brain. What really matters is the impact they have on each other, the combinations they form and the energy they trigger. Is it governed by rules not known to us, or is the process as random as human luck?

Luck is the term we have invented to explain everything beyond our comprehension or deemed logic. I guess luck lies inside there – in the undulating currents and the folds of our soul.

neurologist thinks
does the soul live somewhere here?
spirituals say
there is a world beyond-where
it meets energy divine
unbeknownst to human minds



10 thoughts on “Fascinated

  1. I believe in the great collective unconscious that we all visit in our dreams. Where it is located is a mystery. Jungian psychoanalyst Clarissa Pinkola-Estes calls dreams “letters from home.”

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      1. Carl Jung is the one I think who coined the term. He and Freud were colleagues but when Freud made everything inside the mind connected to sex, Jung knew there was more to it than that. I think he had some dreams that lent him insight. Memories, Dreams, and Reflections is Jung’s memoir and worth a read as he was a seeker like you. You can put “collective unconscious and Jung” in the search box and come up with a lot.

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