Reena’s Exploration Challenge #111 – I think, therefore I am

I think therefore I am .. by Sadje

Keep it alive


Welcome to a week of transition!


“I think therefore I am”

Cogito, ergo sum


What is the difference between the mind and the brain?

My brain is my physical organ of thought. It is visible and material. Whereas, my mind is not visible and not material. It is my conscious thought, my attitude, my feelings, my belief, and my imagination. My mind has power all over my body, overall my cells and it governs how I am going to be.

The capability of our brain to think it’s translated into conscious thoughts by our minds. This is what sets humans apart from the rest of the creation. To think, then to imagine and feel and then convert that into abstract and practical concepts. That we can think, is a function that humans possess in common with other animals. But that we…

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