#Poetryreadathon – Meet poet, author and blogger, Sue Vincent

What happens when two veteran bloggers and writers come together ….Sue Vincent being introduced by Robbie Cheadle…

Robbie's inspiration

Poetry readathon

Sue Vincent from the inspirational blog Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo is the author of a number of unique and interesting books which you can find along the sidebar of her blog.

Sue is also a director of the Silent Eye, a modern mystery school which you can find out more about on the website Dare to Awaken to Being

Sue is kicking off my poetry readathon series of blog posts by sharing her poem, My Quest, written in French and English, as well as how she came to write this poem and its meaning to her.

‘My Quest’ was written many years ago. I had gone to work in Paris, eventually married a French musician and we set up home in Vichy where our eldest son was born. It was during this time that my schoolgirl French matured and became fluent, though not always completely correct!

Although I had…

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