You boggle me – A trio

You boggle me …. by Aishwarya

Kitty's Verses

Mymind’s a place in

this world whose unrestricted

access I enjoy.

Mind! Enigma, magic, safe haven, an easy retreat, I don’t have enough words to glorify this wonderful creation.Our thoughts are the only things that can be controlled by us, or the ones that can control us. It can cook up a fear, or ease us out of any impending trouble. It can makes us to love or hate someone. “It’s all in the mind”, is a phrase worthy of mention, here.

We can appear sagely or aloof on the outside by being immersed in this cosy, our own go-to corner. An inbuilt corner within all of the beautiful creations of this planet. It’s that place we can choose to be ourselves without any inhibitions- crazy, happy, sad, peaceful, vengeful, angry, immature, you can pick any emotion to be.

There’s no fear of being pushed out of our own…

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