In unison

“Once upon a time, these containers used to be full of yummy eats…” Aman flashed a sly smile at his wife, as he started narrating a story to the kids. “And then….”

“Mom started going to work,”  chorused the kids in unison.

A stern face emerged at the other end of the table.

“Tomorrow onwards, I’ll hold a cookery class for all of you. You need to be independent.”

This was Aman’s mother, taking up for the daughter-in-law.

“Kids …. We’re under attack. The feminist brigade strikes.”

His daughter walked with slow, studied steps and joined hands with her grandmother.

30 thoughts on “In unison

  1. It was inappropriate to pinch his wife by saying because she is working family is going hungry. I think there are better ways to eat what one likes and when one likes.

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