Legend in the making

“You are a specimen of your own kind. Who can survive without using devices in this age?”

“How many people you know can do mathematical sums without a device, know calligraphy or write in long –hand for hours at a stretch?”

“Why does anybody need to do that?”

“Watch out for a legend in the making. I’m going to figure in the Guiness Book of Records soon.”


16 thoughts on “Legend in the making

  1. Great Six. Reminds me a little of why I still do the math in my checkbook (yes! I actually still use one, lol) in my head. Reliance on gadgets has a sneaky way of dulling the senses. The brain is a muscle. If you don’t use it, you lose it!
    Thank you for the reminder 😀

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  2. Engaging as always and thought-provoking… in this case your story made me think of my own (similar) admonition for me, ‘I can find my way from here to there without the aid of a GPS’ (I am of the belief that GPS does to ‘sense of direction’ what calculators did to math skills… lol)

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