We have a huge furore here about trees being cut to make way for a metro rail project. The political and electoral ramifications complicate the matter even further.

Environmentalists carefully uprooted a few trees instead of cutting them, and the same were planted in other places. Citizens have been asked to take the lush trees for their campus or home.

I wish somebody follows it up, and sees what happens to the trees, a few years down the line. I’ve heard that trees nurture each other with their underlying root network. They also talk to each other by bending their branches, and rustling of leaves. The belief is that the old offer advice to the young ones.

Will the uprooted trees survive? And how….?

trees in foreign soil
wither away despite care
they miss connections


13 thoughts on “Home-grown

    1. They have done it in Delhi b4 the Delhi Metro project. Not sure how much is true and how much is hogwash to appease environmentalists. They’ve now devised a term – NGO mafia, as if politics was less than a mafia.

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