Deja Vu

Déjà vu is a word I’ve read about, but this place makes me feel it in the bones.

Have I been here before? Going with my life history, this is the first visit. But why did I feel drawn to this god-forsaken place? I’ve read too many stories on rebirth. So, I go around looking for a picture that looks like me, or some other sign.

I don’t see anything, but a sound attracts me.

“Do you recognize yourself? We are but the same, placed in different capsules of time.”

“It is 2019.”

“Not in this part of the world. The house has just been ravaged by war, and there is no hope of it being reinstated. We’ve lost everything.”

“No wonder real estate prices are low out here.”

“It may be so, from your 2019 perspective.”

“Do you insist that I buy this ramshackle place? For whom?”

“Yourself. You have travelled back in time.”

I look around for a speaker placed somewhere by the real estate agent. The past is not so far away, if manipulative instincts are the same.

Just then, the floor creaks beneath my feet. I’m being drawn into an abyss. There’s a casket in there.


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