Reena’s Exploration Challenge #107 – Unbridgeable.

Explore the chasm between a father and son, at two levels of being …. by Michael



He was the most independent man I knew and to see him slipping away was heartbreaking.

His mind had been as sharp as a tack and today when I visited him, he struggled to string a coherent sentence together.

I’d given up on him remembering who I was, I was content to visit to sit with him and when he allowed, to hold his hand.

It was in those moments when he gripped my hand that I came to understand how, despite the disease he was able to show the fear he had to confront.

There had been an unbridgeable gulf between us over time. I know he didn’t wish for it any more than I did. In the rare moments of awareness, I could see in his eyes the fear and puzzlement of why this was happening to him as he was powerless to stop its inexorable taking over…

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