My fervent prayers

My fervent prayers …. at kittysverses

Kitty's Verses

The favours that,

The generations long gone by,

And generation prior to ours,

Bestowed upon us,

Is magnanimous,

Is unimaginable,

It’s purely due to their sacrifice,

We are able to thrive,

They, who endured pain,

So that we lead a life of comfort,

Our parents, grandparents, and the generations long gone and forgotten,

I hope,

We would this for our kids and the generations to come,

And they remember us with pride,

And gratitude in their heart,


I’m straying from my revered forefathers’s teaching,

That to work selflessly and expect nothing in return,

And here I am,

Excepting gratitude in return,

While my forefathers sacrificed effortlessly,

With a smile on their face, and happiness in their heart,

The path they laid,

How much ever I try to pay back,

Is unbridgeable,

I can only hope I could do a quarter of what they did,

To the generations that succeed…

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