It must have been a mercenary who introduced the concept of eternality of love. It has caused heartbreaks for ages, around the world.

People walk out of jobs and contracts – maybe with some disappointment, uncertainty and sometimes with absolute ease. But a relationship breakdown feels like the end of the world.

Love is energy that binds the universe. But transference of love to another person, concept or one’s own self generates negativity. It is the darkness behind the glowing sun – a secret conspiracy to destroy a loving world.

they die like martyrs
not knowing what killed them -their
own expectations

8 thoughts on “Mercenary

      1. LMAO are you serious!? That just gave my lungs a good clearing out. I heard of something new in that “Dirty John” series, called a post-nuptial agreement. I’ve heard of the pre- but never the post- . I guess that’s where you believe you married the right one at first but realize you were wrong afterwards?

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