Reena’s Exploration Challenge #107

Most of us are crossing over from one season to another, in different parts of the world. Some may travel to other parts of the globe to escape the harshness in one. It is nice and predictable. It keeps us busy preparing for the next course of action, and yet another.

What happens when we see nothing at the other end?

That is today’s one-word prompt to challenge your thinking, folks…


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #107

Incorporate the word in your piece – be it fiction, poetry, essay, anecdotes, memories or any other format that you choose. It is okay, if you do not include the word, but capture the spirit and let it reflect in your work.

Post it on your blog, and link it up here. If the pingback does not work, please copy paste the link in Comments. Tag it ‘Reena’s Exploration Challenge’ for easy search in the blog roll.

Enjoy a blast of creativity…


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30 thoughts on “Reena’s Exploration Challenge #107

    1. English translation of the poem ..

      what happened to love
      between us
      separating voids ask

      if you ignore
      my extended hand
      Why? A broken enthusiasm asks

      The whole world at my feet
      a pervading sense of emptiness
      gnaws – a paradox asks

      If I’m not what you wanted
      why does my name induce
      a change – uneasiness asks

      darkness envelopes the world
      every night – sleep stays away
      for how long? Restlessness asks

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