Letting go

Letting go ….. by Aishwarya at kittysverses

Kitty's Verses

Part with that close to you, so that you’d be happy to have it back.

Hard it is to let go off the past, be it a memory from a cheerful past or a memory from a sad one. Be it seeing off our loved ones after the holidays or parting with things that we hold close to our heart. But it’s only when we let go of that which we consider dear, be it a change of place, a change of academic/ professional scene, a change in relationships that we truly mature. And finally how much ever difficult it may be, cherishing our loved one’s memories instead of pining for them would bring us happiness and peace for them. Nothing is constant, as much as ever we long for it, enjoy it while it lasts, cherish it while it is gone. Let go graciously, nothing ever is permanent.


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