Flying dreams

There is a battle of wills – between the carved out path to success and a value system not in consonance with the same.

It is not a head-on collision which throws me off, but an overarching cover which hampers flight.

Fight as hard as I may, the cover is rooted somewhere deep inside me, and I’m unable to yank it off.

It defines boundaries of my existence, as if showing me my place in the scheme of things.

I need a magic formula for total transformation – to grow without roots and soil – but will that virtually real self be me, or another entity?

The coast is clear to walk, but not the sky to fly.

15 thoughts on “Flying dreams

  1. Pat Brockett

    Breaking loose to fly, to discover who we really can be, requires the desire and the courage to explore new things as well as being able to accept and learn from our mistakes—much easier to say than to do.
    A thought provoking SSS, Reena.

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  2. oh man! you had to refer/hint/allude to flying, (in the mind, in the heart, in our dreams)!
    One of my favorite pastimes, back when in college and my mind was not as shackled by life’s lessons as it eventually came to be….

    totally makes irresistible, the Douglas Adams quote about how one learns to fly,

    …there is an art to flying”, said Ford, “or rather a knack. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.”

    Thanks for the Six (and in turn a prompt to cite and consider this worthy advice).

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