The other side of the story

There it was …lying in the middle of the road. It looked bigger in size than earthworms, or a reptile smaller than a snake. It was probably injured/dead, driven over by a car.

But it generated panic. The picture was being circulated in women’s Whatsapp groups, asking kids to be kept indoors. The organism had emerged from somewhere in heavy rains. The security guards refused to lift or kill it, it being ‘holy day’ when one should not harm anyone.

Is it a sandboa? Is it poisonous? Surf the net … find more pictures to match.  I was callous enough not to follow up, but human enough to see the insect’s perspective.

insecure, injured
caught on unfamiliar grounds
just insect am I

I watch the frenzy
I sense fear out of nowhere
hoping to be helped

8 thoughts on “The other side of the story

  1. That poor insect, having its picture circulated on Whatsapp! I’m glad the security guards refused to kill it, Reena. I love that you wrote the senryu from the insect’s perspective!

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