Reena’s Exploration Challenge #106

Welcome to a space beyond the Equinox, where equality becomes a myth again! If the Sun and Moon are not equal, can day and night be? The strength of the stars and power of perception gain importance here. It is all a matter of underlying meaning and perspectives.


Our theme this week is ‘Paradox’.

Some well-known examples are

  1. Your enemy’s friend is your enemy.
  2. I am nobody.
  3. “What a pity that youth must be wasted on the young.” – George Bernard Shaw
  4. Wise fool
  5. Truth is honey, which is bitter.
  6. “I can resist anything but temptation.” – Oscar Wilde
  7. “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.” – George Orwell
  8. “I must be cruel to be kind.” – Shakespeare
  9. “The earth that’s nature’s mother is her tomb;
    What is her burying grave, that is Rainbow in her womb…” – Shakespeare
  10. “The child is father of the man…” William Wordsworth

You are free to use any of the above, other examples that you like, or invent some of your own.

I came across a new one today – All of us have a lesser number of friends than our friends do.

There is an interesting list of paradoxes on this link

Incorporate the sentence in your piece – be it fiction, poetry, essay, anecdotes, memories or any other format that you choose.

Post it on your blog, and link it up here. If the pingback does not work, please copy paste the link. Tag it ‘Reena’s Exploration Challenge’ for easy search in the blog roll.

Enjoy a blast of creativity…


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