The cartoon reminds me of a top industrialist who is no more. He famously said “Every man has a price. One needs to know how to buy.” Maybe it was always not money, or too much of money. His elder son is the richest man in the country today, splurging money on an enviable lifestyle. The younger one’s companies have gone bankrupt. I wonder what were the lessons they learnt and how.

Happiness is how we define it – so buying it should not be a big deal. It lies in an ice lolly in childhood, a romantic movie in youth, high-end destinations in middle age and peace in the golden years.

We pine for happiness, when what we want is not there. It is the lack of something that defines the boundaries.

Do we plan to be happy, when we come across a beautiful bloom on our morning walk, or lovely weather? It just happens. But the moment passes, and there we go in search of another one…

What most people find unattainable is ‘eternal happiness’. But what in the world lasts for an eternity, other than the Sun? The scorching heat there may be unbearable to us, but we need the warmth from a distance. Does it ring true about the quest for happiness?


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