Scale does matter

“Two banks closed down this week, leaving depositors in the lurch. Maybe, Kiyosaki is right … the numbers that banks and stock indices show is fake money.”

“Is there no accountability left in the world?”

“Imagine a chain of corruption, where every unit is linked to the other, and the fall of one will bring everyone down.”

“Kiyosaki is possibly spinning yarns to strengthen his balance sheet, not selling truth. Actually, there are no buyers for truth – the scale of lies is so impressive.”

31 thoughts on “Scale does matter

    1. Actually, we’ve been through many disasters. Think of all the scams that make headlines to malign someone, then quietly recede into the background. The criminals are given an opportunity to get away – terms and conditions not known.


  1. whats the cool word… ‘systemic’ . yeah, thats the word, when greed becomes celebrated (by the culture) and dishonesty is rewarded (intentionally or not) it is hard to see a way to change it.
    But, if there is a first step, it is to offer perspective on the problem and, with stories such as yours today, there is hope that the lies can be seen for what they are.
    Thought-provoking Six as usual.

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