Romancing the rain

A petition from the Students’ Association is on my table. They want the start of the academic year to shift from July to October. Heavy rains, traffic jams and the long queues for admission exacerbate tension.

I call the secretary, still lost in my thoughts,

“Tell them we’re taking the process online. There is no need to queue up in the rain.”

I go back down memory lane – to that afternoon when I met Angela in a similar place, and offered to share my umbrella.

This generation will never know the romance of rains. They live online anyway… Why bother?

39 thoughts on “Romancing the rain

  1. A good story to fit the prompt, Reena. We didn’t often have as many queues in the U.S. I did get in a crowd to see President Johnson when he was speaking at our college for re-election. Students began to push and I couldn’t get my breath. Someone finally opened the door and people began going inside so the pressure was released. I’ve hated crowds ever since. I also hate to queue up, even for a restaurant. Well done. 🙂 — Suzanne


  2. Lovely. So many memories are crowding the mind of my college days. Today coming back from our evening walk, there was a sudden rain pour, and we enjoyed it a lot. Good old days are happy remembrance but I love internet also. Without going out can reach so many, read so much, shop so much…

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